I could never imagine having Basset Hounds next to my Goldens, but my husband decided otherwise 🙂

What a pleasure having this breed; a character to die for, easygoing, always happy and in for a cuddle and they are super smart. 

A Basset Hound can easily do very long walks in the woods, of course in their own time. They have a mind of their own, some people call them ‘stubborn’, but I think you should call it persistent. They are bred to hunt in packs and do that effortlessly with a great determination, so you see that back in the ‘stubborn’ part. 

Basset Hounds are super family dogs and are always in for fun. It is a dog that needs companion during the day from the family or from another dog. 

And what about me? I completely fell in love with this breed and after the first Basset Hound, the second came …

Our basset hounds