17-19 February 2023: CAC/CACIB Nitra (SK)

Gloria Blaauwendraat

Proud breeder @Tanishtagh
FCI judge for Golden Retriever & Basset Hound
Owner of dogschool OmegaDogs.

´All dogs are bred with knowledge, love, pride & out of pure passion’

Nitra is always such a nice show, so again we went to Slovakia with friends. We had a super weekend
Tazio got EX first day, got 2 EX second day & got another EX last day. Well done sweet boy at just
10,5 months old!
Florie won Intermediate Class with CAC & RCACIB on day 1, got 2 EX with RCAC on day 2 and she
went 4 EX on day 3
Phoebe (the Basset) won Intermediate Class, the CAC, CACIB & BOS on day 1! Second day she won
again Intermediate Class with CAC & got the RCACIB. Very proud of our naughty hound.
Judge Goldens day 1: Daniela Bartosova (SK)
Judge Basset Hound day 1: Patricia Burunkai (HU)
Judge Goldens day 2: Eva Felszeghyova (SK)
Judge Basset Hound day 2: Kardos Vilmos (HU)
Judge Goldens day 3: Tibor Havelka (SK)